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      Sister Swing

Sly Fox 2

The second offering from Sly Fox proved that if you keep  working on something, in time your efforts will be rewarded by producing better and better results. Sly Fox has done a good job and this album "Chasing the wind " is proof positive. From the first song through to the last the music is fresh and it is a testament to the journey that these musician/song writers are perusing. They seem to be pushing each other to higher and higher levels of excellence. Meanwhile we the listening audience, need merely to listen and we can hear and enjoy the results of their remarkable trip.

  Chasing The Wind
  Put down the pipe
  Cast a long shadow
  Little Nina
  Blue sunrise
  New generation
  The Sirens of Hates
  Bottomless glass
  Chasing the wind
  Story book ending
  Believe in me

Peter Mundy

Peter has just reached a milestone in his life with the completion of his first CD project titled
"Bridge of Light"
. It has been a long road for Peter to get to this point. He told me that for years he has had to play his music alone, only being able to hear what he could produce by playing on his guitar and singing. But since having his songs fully produced, he feels that his expectations for his music have been exceeded. I am happy that I had the opportunity to help Peter get to this point. It's been a good ride for both of us. We have shared many laughs and marveled in discovering ways to find the magic in the songs to make his music shine. 

  Bridge of Light
  Blues man John
  The Bridge of Light
  Could it be the time
  Crooked stairs
  The sweetest thing
  Eyes wide open
  Un-Natural grace
  Socrates cafe
  You, me Erie
  Simple truth


Sly Fox

Greg Ayala and Bruce Bolin
are seasoned veterans. Together they have many years in the trenches playing and performing.  Both share a desire to write the music that they each hear in their heads. Enter "Scattered Devotions". This is the first CD to be released by these writer/players. In listening to the songs I was struck that the music is eclectic and varied. There are elements of rock, pop, jazz, funk, reggae, country and it all swings. This is unusual in today's musical climate where so many songs from a CD project are usually one style.  This music is both refreshing and serious. It has been produced by musicians that have the experience and the knowledge to keep it interesting.

  Scattered Devotions
  Scattered Devotions
  Hey Renee'
  Flying in my dreams
  Venus under a crescent moon
  Gas Ronda
  She's my Amy
  Say you love me
  Steppin' out tonight


Sister Swing

The Sisters have just released their fifth CD album
"Riff,Raff and Ruffles". The songs on this project are some of the favorites that are often requested when the Sisters are performing at live concerts. This album was recorded live in the studio and features some of the new players in the band. As always, the band had a fine time in the studio recording this project. This CD was recorded at The Hanger where Pudding Stone Recording Studio now resides.

  Riff Raff and Ruffles
  That's How Rhythm Was Born
  Shoo Shoo Baby
  42nd Street
  Mood Indigo
  Mr. 5X5
  Little White Lies
  Too Darn Hot
  The House Is Haunted
  Take The A Train
  Jump Jive & Wail

Bruce Bolin

This album was truly a labor of love
. It took about a year and a half to compose, record and produce the album. Upon listening to the final mixes,  It was clear to me that there were some similarities to the surf music that was played play back in the sixties, but with a modern spin. What I liked  most was the guitar oriented instrumental music with strong, repetitive, melodies. The songs all had a kind of spunky new/old good time music feel with taste and style, and so it was that "Surfin'The New Millennium" was born. 


Surfin' The New Millennium


Summer Daze


Keepin' Up


Into the Groove


September Song


Rockin' for Valerie


Y'ain't Gettin' Me




I'm Standing at the Gate to Your Garden


Set 'em Up


Sister Swing

Well, the ladies have been at it again.  They continue to grow and to sound better and better.  I was surprised that they found a number of Christmas songs that I had never heard before. But then the Sisters always seem to have something new up their sleeve. This time the three of them  have a little something extra in their collective stockings! Helping to get you into the holiday spirit. These songs will be helpful way to get anyone into the Christmas spirit.





Santa's Coming to Town


Christmas Waltz


Mr. Santa


Jingle Bells


Santa Baby


Man with a bag


White Christmas


I'll be home for Christmas


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas