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The Great American Hot Rod Run

I know that you have dreamed about going on a cross country hot rod run.
We all have but couldn't because, (check all that apply)

1. Couldn't get time off work.                                       2. Didn't have the money
3. Felt your car wouldn't make it.
4. Your wife wouldn't let you go.
5. All of the above.

Costing between $250. and $350. per day, it can be a very expensive dream.

Now you can live this dream vicariously! You will cross this great land of ours with Andy Brizio leading the way in his 32 roadster. In the comfort of your home without ever leaving your couch. This 55 minute video is packed with lots of rods on the move plus interesting stops and interviews along the way. Covering 9 states in 8 days, we traveled a total of 3200 miles.

I met up with Andy Brizio and Gary Meadors in Carlisle Pennsylvania. We then drove all the way to Vallejo California, hooking up with many street rodders along the way. This was the first cross country rod run sponsored by the Goodguys car club. It was called "The Big Go West"

On this trip we experienced extreme changes in weather, many different road conditions and some break downs. We drove up to five hundred miles in a day. We had interesting stops along the way, saw lots of country and had plenty of laughs. You will too! You won't be disappointed.
With a kickin' sound track, this video really moves along at and above the speed limit!

If you liked the Andy's Picnic Video, you will love The Great American Hot Rod Run.
To order a copy, simply call Pudding Stone Productions at (916) 921-1515  we will ship your video within 24 hours. The price is now only $19.99 plus sales tax, shipping and handling.    
Credit cards are accepted.

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